Climate Action Day, 2009

Climate Action Day
Point Reyes Station
Oct. 24, 2009

by Jan R. Markle

It was International Day of Climate Action in Point Reyes Station today and about 150 West Marinites convened on Third Street as Transition West Marin and West Marin Commons held a Climate Action Day Rally and Low-Carbon Faire, joining‘s global campaign that totaled over 5200 actions in 181 countries.

Megan Matson looks at sign she helped paint

People worldwide were taking this day to find creative ways to use the number 350 to express their demand for 350 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere as the safe upper limit to prevent irreversible climate change.

Here in Point Reyes Station, many rode their bikes to avoid carbon emissions from their cars.

Some rode their bikes from far, such as the Emissions=Zero Riders, traveling 14 miles from Bolinas to Point Reyes.

Sarah Hampton, Bob Densmore, Anny Owen and Alison Shank

Some rode their bikes shorter distances.

Bernie Stephan

All bikes were safe with the valet parking service.

Alden Adkins rode his bike from Inverness to Point Reyes

There were numerous hand-painted protest signs leaning against the building walls scribed with slogans like “Kick the oil habit” and “Our Climate is not your Business.” These were soon in the hands of a chanting crowd who marched down Main Street to the rhyme of “Three, five, oh…that’s what Obama needs to know!” and  “Don’t wait…until it’s too late!” to the Grandi building, through the Farmer’s Market, down to the bank and back to Third St.

Michael Bock, on bike, with marchers

On Third St. and the Livery Green, live music set the beat and a good crowd listened to speakers give rousing speeches.

Supervisor Steve Kinsey, with Bing Gong

A rapt crowd listens.

Jerry Mander, of International Forum on Globalization
See Video of full speech below.

Unusual and fascinating exhibits kept interest high.

Jeff Wessner demonstrating his solar experiment

Vendors shared pertinent information.

Kris Brown and Megan Matson of Mainstreet Moms

Sarah Hampton and Maya Whitner at the Transition West Marin table

There was good food…

Latino Photo Project

and good drink…

Marnie Jackson

Rufus Blunk and assistant

Then the piece de resistance.

Setting up…

Art Rogers and Trevalyan Markle


Megan Matson, Felicity Crush, John Wick, Madeline Hope,
Bing Gong, Bernie Stephan and supporting cast

Exact instructions…

Art Rogers

…and voila!

350 Point Reyes

…a creative and entertaining way to let our community, our politicians and our world leaders know that we want 350 ppm CO2 in the climate treaty this December in Copenhagen! Look for our photo in’s collection of 15,000 photos. If you can’t find it, it’s in “350 North America, ” page 3. If you still can’t find it, here it is.

Here is what the papers had to say (click on photo, then again, to see larger version):

Watch Jerry Mander’s full speech [Courtesy of EON] :

Watch EON’s 350 Point Reyes Highlights, a video coverage of the event, including excerpts from speeches of Co-host Bing Gong (00:34), Megan Matson (03:33 , Co-host Bernie Stephan (07:45), Paul Fenn (08:27) and Jerry Mander (14:51):

Watch Peter Asmus talk on becoming a Local Volt [Courtesy of EON]:

Watch Paul Fenn speak on local power and PG&E [Courtesy of EON]:

More photos (click album below)

Climate Action in Point Reyes Station

Speakers at this event, in order of appearance, were:

Megan Matson, Director, Mainstreet Moms; Steve Kinsey, Marin County Supervisor; Peter Asmus, Renewable Energy Consultant; Paul Fenn, Local Power Advocate; Kevin Lunny, Drakes Bay Family Farms Rancher; John Wick, rancher, Marin Carbon Project; Jerry Mander, International Forum on Globalization; Fred SmithEnvironmental Action Committee; Madeline Hope, Zero Waste Advocate; Lauren Dalberth, Permaculture Marin Mark Butler, Organic Gardner and Activist; Elizabeth Barnet, West Marin Commons; Bernie Stephan & Bing Gong, Co-hosts of KWMR Post Carbon show.  Music and song by: Peter Asmus and friends, Gary Duke, Bruce Barlow, Pam Barlow, Catherine “KT” Broomhead; Michael Stocker and friends, Vincent Robinson, Dan Keller, Baird Wheatley; Stitchcraft and Harmony Grisman. Sound by Jerry Lunsford. Group photo by Art Rogers and assistant Trevalyan Markle.

Sponsors of this event were: Community Land Trust of West Marin (CLAM), Cowgirl Creamery, Environmental Action Committee, Environmental Options Network, International Forum on Globalization, Mainstreet Moms, Marin Organic,  Permaculture Marin, Point Reyes Books, Point Reyes Nation, Regenerative Design Institute, Straus Family Creamery, Transition West Marin, West Marin Alliance, West Marin Chamber of Commerce and West Marin Commons.

This post was written by Jan R. MarklePhotos without credits by Jan R. Markle.

More Videos
Climate Action Day
Oct. 24, 2009

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