Energy Descent Action Plan

by Jan R. Markle

In Rob Hopkins’ outline of a 12-step program for the Transition process, number 12 is the creation of an energy Descent Action Plan. The EDAP was to be the summation of all the working groups’ efforts in specific areas such as food, energy, transportation, economy, waste, water, education, youth and governance.

The EDAP sets out a vision of a desired future and then “backcasts,” that is, creates a series of steps leading to that end result. According to Hopkins, creation of an EDAP has a 10-step process.

Here is a basic explanation of what an energy descent action plan is:  Energy Descent Action Plans- a primer. Published on Energy Bulletin, June 7, 2006.

Here are some sample energy descent plans to read, redline, skim or just get a feel for, as we lumber towards our own: Jan 6, 2010 update:
Bloomington (IN) redefines prosperity and prepares for peak oil, Mikael Hook, ASPO International, Jan. 5, 2010. [Report of the Bloomington Peak Oil Task Force: Redefining Prosperity-Energy Descent and Community Resilience,  approved by the Common Council, Dec. 2009.] (pdf, 258 pgs)

City of San Rafael Climate Change Action Plan, April 2009 (does not address peak oil)

Berkeley Energy Descent 2009-2020, April 2009 (pdf, 39 pg)

San Francisco Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force, March, 2009 (pdf, 142 pg)

The Oil Independent Oakland Action Plan, Oakland, CA, Feb, 2008, (pdf, 59 pg)

Descending the Oil Peak: navigating the Transition from Oil and Natural Gas, Portland, Oregon, March, 2007  (pdf, 86 pg)

Personal Energy Descent Plan, by, (pdf, 4 pg) (short, with links, books, and bold headings, similar to San Rafael plan, but UK-based)

The Food & Farming Transition-toward a Post Carbon Food System, by Richard Heinberg with Post  Carbon Institute, Spring 2009, (pdf, 41 pg) Energy descent with a focus on the food system

Rob Hopkins’ Response to Tedium and Black Magic; the trouble with EDAPs, Mar. 15, 2012 blog discussing energy descent plans

Ingredients of Transition, EDAPs,  Oct. 7, 2010, Rob Hopkins

Transforming Urban Environments for a Post Peak-oil Future: Vision Plan for the City of San Buenaventura, San Buenaventura, CA, 2007 (pdf, 281 pg)

Not enough? More peak oil descent plans than you could ever imagine exist at Post Carbon Cities’ (Part of Post Carbon Institute)  Resource page

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