Videos on Peak Oil, Transition, Climate Change and related topics

In Transition 1.0, part 1 of 6, by (Rob Hopkins)

The TransitionNetwork’s Channel on YouTube (parts 2-6)

In Transition 1.0 is available (free)  for screenings from Transition Culture (with instructions on how to give a screening)

George Marshall, of Climate Outreach Information Network, on the psychology of denial applied to climate change beliefs (4:38 min)

The End of Suburbia(52 min.)
Richard Heinberg, Peak Oil & The Party’s Over,
Our Post-Carbon Future
, (by EON)
Peak Everything,
Richard Heinberg
Suburban Permaculture
with Janet Barocco and Richard Heinberg
Jerry Mander, The Era of Growth is Ending (Oct. 2008),
Six Reasons for Global Water Crisis (2008)

Chris Martenson, The Crash Course (20 chapters)
David Holmgren, Retrofitting the Suburbs,
Beyond “Sustainability”
(by EON)
Rob Hopkins, Energy Descent Plan and Power Down, (by EON)
Rob Hopkins, Resiliency, at IFG Conference, via video

Dr. Albert Bartlett, Population, Arithmetic and Energy
Power of Community-How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

The Corporation
, book by Joel Bakan
Addicted to Plastic by Ian Connacher, Trailer
Zeitgeist, The Federal Reserve
Peak Moment Television (91 videos), The Best of Peak Moment TV
Joanna Macy, The Great Turning
The Great Squeeze
(trailer),  Director/producer, Christophe Fauchere, a documentary on peak oil, March, 2009

“…For some decades now, we have been talking about saving the planet; but I’ve come to realize this is not really the issue. The issue is civilization itself and whether we can save it…”

-Lester R. Brown,  Earth Policy Institute

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